5 reasons why each restaurant should have a modern website


1) Status of business for clients and investors

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In modern times this reason is the most strong and obvious. Business of the 21st century must have website.

When a person is interested to visit a new restaurant, the first thing which he makes – tries to find its website. If only social page is found or restaurant is not presented online at all, a person thinks that restaurant doesn’t work or even if works – for sure is not worth to be visited.

The same about investors following such a scheme of business’ evaluation: the restaurant without website or website is not updated several years, thus the restaurant is not modern and not enough promoted for potential clients, thus the restaurant’s management is not enough active and flexible for demands of the modern reality, thus this restaurant is not perspective for investments.

On the contrary, online presence of a restaurant already by default gives points to its rating in restaurant industry. More modern design, comfortable options of navigation and high quality of pictures, more interesting and trusty a restaurant looks for clients and investors.


2) Popularity of internet

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Internet is used by millions and millions of people and considered now the most popular advertising platform. Besides popularity the online promotions are much more cheap and quick than all other advertising methods.

Time of paper flyers is passed, because in modern times paper promotions look not enough informational.

Clients are used to read not only promotion action in a flyer but also information about business (restaurant) on the whole, i.e. to check pictures, menu, prices in a website and only then to make decision about offered promotion or to visit a restaurant.


3) Reviews in social nets

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Modern clients actively share food experience in social nets and even in their online blogs (food bloggers), so in the result people are now much informed and much more fussy about food and services in restaurants.

Taking it as an indisputable fact and obvious reality a modern restaurant shoud be quick in actions and first in online presentation of pictures, menu, prices, special offers and events: all this information must be presented in website and can be used as modern and comfortable base for promotions in social nets and as strong arguments even in the case of negative reviews about restaurant.

If website of a restaurant is modern and enough informational, contains images of high quality, detailed menu and actual prices, such a restaurant by default looks trusty and interesting for clients.


4) Technologically educated clients of the 21st century

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In modern times each new generation is more informed and educated than previous one and technological progress raises each year in the very quick mode.

Nowdays teenagers don’t imagine world without internet, notebook and of course – smartphone: a phone which is used more for searching and sharing online information than for making phone calls themself.

According to statistics modern teenagers and totally young people spend much more money in restaurants than all previous generations. They prefer not to cook at home but to spend time with friends in a nice restaurant.

A restaurant should be enough technologically developed to be attractive for these clients who check time of restaurant’s working hours and menu not in paper flyer but online in their digital smartphone.


5) International promotion

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Millions of tourists from all over the world each year visit Switzerland. The country welcomes both foreign tourists arriving from other countries and local tourists actively traveling from one part of the country to another.

Apart historical sights and its multinational culture Switzerland can offer for tourists great variety of national cuisines and tasty dishes. Tourists are always ready to visit local restaurants, and it is necessary just to give them detailed information about menu, prices and restaurant totally.

Modern website is the main helper for promoting restaurant on the national and international level. Worldwide net allows to business’ owner to promote a restaurant for millions of potential clients but at the same time to stay in the reasonable budget which no one other method of promotions can offer.


Taking into account all the above reasons a restaurant’s owner planning to stay competitive in the 21st century should try to make his best not only for design and cuisine of a restaurant but also for technological development, that is:

a) modern website


b) social nets pages


c) very important: update of website’s content and active sharing of website pages in social nets

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