The first and the main reason of visiting restaurants is food. So potential clients want to know which food is offered by a restaurant, how this food looks and how much it costs.

As all marketing and online researches can tell – the menu of the dishes is the most important information which a visitor searches in website of a restaurant.

It is possible to make menu in different formats:

  • the list of dishes
  • the list of dishes with prices

Menu WebResto

  • the list of dishes with prices and images

Menu Immagini WebResto

which ones can be zoomed by click for the whole screen

Menu Immagini Zoom WebResto

The third variant with prices and images is surely the most preferable, recommended from marketing point of view and appreciated by visitors of website and potential clients of a restaurant.

We make all formats of menu with responsive design that means that website’s visitor can check menu of a restaurant comfortably in all devices – computer, laptop and smartphone.