WebResto is the first web agency in Switzerland specialised in web support of restaurant business.

Our team creates and maintains websites for restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias, grottos and bars.

Siti Web Business Ristorazione WebResto

Website of a restaurant is not only design but firstly – the detailed project consisting of combination of client’s requirements with technical options.

Yet on the stage of the first negotiation with a client we determine style of restaurant, its atmosphere and main specialities. And already basing on this information we develop project of website with all its main elements.

We always try to find optimal solutions for design and functionalities of website which one should be not only modern looking but also optimized for quick and right work in all internet browses and all devices from computer till smartphone.

Siti Web Business Ristorazione WebResto

According to clients’ requirements we create websites of various technical levels: from website – visit card till e-commerce / online ordering website. All our websites are modern and follow the trends of design and the rules of IT technologies. Each website has responsive design for comfortable navigation not only in computer/notebook but also in smartphone and tablet.

Our websites always include:

  1. modern and stylish design
  2. comfortable and user-friendly navigation
  3. optimized functionalities for restaurant’s website

We also recommend and offer to a restaurant the technical maintenance and updates of website’s content.

Modern website is technological product with dynamic features which should be used for promotion of a restaurant. Images, menu, events, special offers – all this information can be updated and should be updated in a modern website of a restaurant.

Potential and actual clients of a restaurant should see that website has news and updates, that means that a restaurant itself is successful, works actively and welcomes its guests!